Cloud Backup and Business Continuity

Backing up your business data is just the start.

Backup and Recovery

Backing up your business's data is just the first step in ensuring your business is ready for recovery after a disaster strikes.

One of the biggest threats to any business is the possibility of losing your systems and data which could cripple your operations.

Recovering your data from the cloud can take days or even weeks. Dauntless offers extended business continuity planning which can get you back up and running in hours.

Loss of data and the subsequent downtime can cost your business dearly. For small businesses, costs of downtime range from hundreds to tens of thousands of dollars an hour depending on business size.

An infographic explaining the costs of IT downtime

Dauntless IT Solutions can make your operations more resilient with:

  • Backups

    When disaster strikes, the damage of lost data and money lost in the time it takes to rebuild that data dwarfs the nominal costs of maintaining cloud-based backups and continuity capabilities.

  • Mobile Access

    Access the cloud on virtually any device.

  • Customizable

    Each client will have unique needs for data backups. Dauntless IT Solutions provides a customized plan to designed specifically for your business’ operational needs.

  • Scalable

    Your cloud solutions will scale with your ever evolving business needs.

What Level of Business Continuity Planning is Right For You?

Business’s like people are unique entities. The amount of downtime that one business can tolerate is different from another. Likewise, each business values potential downtime from unique perspectives as well as having varying requirements for how much data can be lost without suffering detrimental effects to the business. Dauntless IT Solutions will help you determine what levels of downtime and data loss you can tolerate. Through the RPO and RTO discovery process we will help you define what tolerance levels you can accept for operating purposes and what mechanisms should be put into place to ensure the business maintains the defined level of continuity in the event that a disaster strikes. We will help you define and optimize these levels considering budgetary requirements to find the perfect level of data continuity planning. Over the years we have observed that two levels of data continuity are typically required by most small to medium businesses. Our goal is always to beat your RPO and RTO defined recovery parameters, but offer the following package levels.

Business Continuity Plans

When disaster strikes, the value of lost data and value of the time it takes to rebuild that data dwarfs the nominal costs of maintaining backups and continuity features in the cloud.

Level 1 - Basic Plan

  • Access to the cloud on virtually any device.

  • Each unique client will receive a customized plan to solve their own unique problems.

  • Your cloud solutions will scale with your ever evolving business needs.

Level 2 - Dauntless Plan

  • On Site and Off Site backups.

  • Multi-Geographical regions used for Off-Site data backup.

  • Data encryption transfers.

  • 24-hour availability.

  • RPO = 24 Hours.

  • RTO = 12 Hours or Less.

RPO (Recovery Point Objective)

The RPO defines an interval of time, defined by your business, that a quantity of data can pass before your Business Continuity plan activates.

RTO (Recovery Time Objective)

The RTO defines an interval of time in which your company’s data and services must be restored before unacceptable consequences occur within your business systems and services. In other words, after a disaster, how much time can pass before your data and systems are restored which would be acceptable to your business.

Customized Plan

Customized plans are available if one of these plans do not meet your needs.

Each business is unique. The amount of tolerable downtime and data loss varies from one business to another. Dauntless IT Solutions will help you determine what those levels of downtime and data loss are so that you can avoid irreversible damage.

Dauntless IT conducts a Recovery Time Objective (RTO) and Recovery Point Objective (RPO) discovery process to design the optimal continuity plan that is right for your business and budgetary constraints.

Once your business’ RTO and RPO are identified Dauntless strategizes and implements the mechanisms required to ensure your business maintains the defined level of continuity in the event that a disaster strikes.

We achieve defined levels of business recovery through various methods such as:

On-Site Backups

On-site backups offer faster recovery times. With backup and recovery devices, we can recover your data quickly and efficiently with the possibility of achieving data backup within minutes. We can overcome entire server failures in less than an hour and can even restore your business’s data in the event of a total catastrophe.

Off-Site Backups

Off-Site Backups offer your business protection from the worst types of disaster such as fires. Dauntless can store your data in multiple geographic locations. Data encryption ensures the integrity of your sensitive data is maintained.

Appropriate Tools

Dauntless will employ the proper tools required to achieve your business continuity plan’s parameters such as disk image backups, professionally managed data transfers and backups and customized solutions designed just for you.


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