Cloud Hosting Solutions

Dauntless IT offers solutions for cloud computing and services. Take your business to the next level with unprecedented access and flexibility. The cloud is where it’s at!

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Upgrading your processes and systems to the cloud may seem like a daunting task, but our expert team is ready to jump in and assist in making this crucial business move easy and seamless. Moving to the cloud has many benefits, some of which include unlimited scaling of technology without costly infrastructure upgrades, reducing time to scale and hiring and training staff to handle additional infrastructure.


Viruses and Malware are always evolving. Protect your business from this ever growing threat.

What is “The Cloud?”

“The Cloud” is a term used to describe an interconnected network used to store and access data, software, platforms and infrastructure.
Dauntless IT Solutions will help you leverage the power of the cloud for your business!

Our Cloud Services are:

  • Economical

    CloudCloud services will more than pay for themselves by saving money in staff, hardware, and energy.

  • Mobile

    Access the cloud on virtually any device, including remotely.

  • Customizable

    Each unique client will receive a customized plan to solve their own unique problems.

  • Scalable

    Your cloud solutions will scale with your ever-evolving business needs.

Cloud Services Offered by Dauntless:

  • Email

    Through Microsoft Exchange you can access a powerful suite of collaboration tools such as Calendars, tasks, contacts, folders and of course email

  • Web Hosting

    Customized web hosting applications can help you better control and scale your business.

  • Application Hosting

    Develop or utilize custom web application designed to streamline your business practices.

  • Email and Spam Tools

    Utilize powerful tools through the cloud to manage email spam and protect against viruses and malware.


By outsourcing your IT!