Managed IT Services

Managed IT Service Orlando

Do you want your organization to run effectively? Your staff and operations should be able to run without interruption. Having a reliable technology strategy and infrastructure is key to achieving efficiency. Even well-resourced companies can run into issues when they lack the tools and support necessary to properly execute their business plans.

Central Florida companies turn to Dauntless IT Solutions because we take the time to understand each business and its goals. We work side-by-side with in house teams to find new ways to help further our clients’ company’s successes.

Managed Service Provider Orlando

Managed Service Providers (MSPs) ensure smooth operations for your business so that you can refocus your organizations efforts where they belong.

An MSP can help you:

  • Achieve IT Zen

    Our expert team will manage your technology, finally giving you the business Zen that you have been looking for

  • Regain your Business’ Vision

    With technology hurdles out of the way, refocus your business’ goals and charge straight ahead

  • Protect your Company

    Arm your business with the latest in IT security

  • Increase Billable Hours

    More technology up-time means you can perform more billable services

  • Keep a Stable Budget

    With a fixed price plan, you can take the guesswork out of your monthly budgeting for your IT needs

Why Choose Us?

Dauntless IT Solutions has experience with both small business and large operations. We will deliver technology strategies to best match your needs and budget.

We prioritize our clients’ requests based on their timeline, not ours. With quick response times and proactive communication channels we will make sure that you never have to hunt us down and that you will always know how we will address your IT needs. Your schedule is our schedule. We are available 7am to 7pm daily with 24/7 technology monitoring and support.

We will create protocols and contingency plans to ensure your operation always continues to run smoothly.

We can help you with:

  • IT Support

  • Strategic Planning

  • Networking

  • Cloud Computing

  • Data Backup and Recovery

  • Priority Resolution

  • Disaster Recovery

  • Remote and On-Site Support

  • Updates and Patching

  • Cloud Hosting

  • IT Security

  • Workstation Repair and Building

  • ...and much more!

Employee demonstrating something on a computer

"Think of your company's technology as a living organism; one that grows, changes and needs to stay healthy. Dauntless IT Solutions is your personalized IT doctor, providing regular check-ups, diagnosing and healing ailments; maintaining your business's health and ensuring that it operates at peak performance!"

- Jeremy Levy, Co-Founder


By outsourcing your IT!