Server, Network Design and Support

Dauntless IT offers solutions for Server Setup and Virtualization and Network Design and Support.

Server Setup and Virtualization

Dauntless IT Solutions will analyze your business’ data transmission and processing requirements. Taking these factors into account, our experts will come up with a plan to design your servers and network setup in order to streamline your technology.

Three big considerations around Network Design when using server virtualization include:

  • Network Addressing

    There is typically an increase in network addressing requirements when using Server Virtualization

  • Increased Performance and Throughput

    Server Virtualization maximizes the utilization of a server’s processing power which in turn increases the amount of activity and throughput on a network.

  • Challenges in Managing Virtual Networked Relationships

    Considering the ease in which new virtual machines and services can be created, it becomes increasingly important to manage these relationships thoughtfully and carefully.

Did You Know?

Server Virtualization is an oversized term that simply describes the use of software to force one machine or computer to act as multiple computers for the purposes of maximizing space and processing power.

The professionals at Dauntless IT Solutions have the experience and skill necessary to properly assess, design and manage your on-site and cloud based network.


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